ROOM FOR MOON is a sustainable garment brand, or a platform that willing  to share the joy of the idea ‘wearing’ in many other ways with other creative people. 

We are producing one All Year Around collection (A.Y. A) and few capsule collections through collaborations per year. We would like to collaborate with other kind of creative people from different industry, trying to explore  something beyond the fashion. 

A.Y. A is going to be an actual garment collection, but capsule collection might not. Maybe we’re not even going to make a garment for it but we definitely going to make something else that will make you excited. It can be an exhibition, an object, an installation or it can be a garment collection sometimes. It will depend on who we are going to collaborate with.


But one thing we can surely say is that whatever we make, it’s going to be environmentally friendly, and it’ll be produced (or performed) in limited quantity.  So keep an eye on us to catch up this special collections.

Let’s share the idea and enjoy our life without costing the earth!